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Time in Cusco 20:37
Coin Peru Sol S/.
Time in Cusco 20:37
Coin Peru Sol S/.
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Welcome to Peru! We’re thrilled that you’re considering joining us in Cusco, and we can’t wait to welcome you with open arms. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or returning to this beautiful country, know that you’re always welcome here at Chabad House Cusco. Now, let’s dive into some practical information about flights and other essentials for your trip.

Shabbat in Cusco

Join us for a unique Shabbat experience at Chabad House Cusco! Every Shabbat, travelers from around the world gather for a memorable experience.

Local Currency

In Cusco, Peru, both the Sol and the American Dollar are accepted. The Sol is recommended for daily transactions, while the Dollar is common in tourist areas and larger businesses.

Local SIM

You can purchase a local SIM card from stores like claro, movistar, bitel, and entel. Ensure your phone is unlocked for foreign SIMs. Bring your passport. Prepaid SIMs with internet and local calls are available.

Mail to the Israel

You can send packages from the local post office on Avenida Sol 800. Ensure prohibited items are not included.

Sending Packages

Want to send a package to Peru? We can receive it for your relatives to collect.

•Chabad House doesn’t charge for this service and isn’t liable for lost or damaged mail.
•Address the package to the traveler only, without mentioning Chabad House or the Rabbi.
•Address: Calle Vitoque 631 Cusco, Cusco Peru, Zip Code 0800 (use any zip code if required).
•Don’t send medicines, ointments, cell phones, or valuables.
•Notify us after sending the package.


Av El Sol 602, Cusco 08002
Phone: (01) 2138200

Santa Catalina Ancha 366, Cusco 08000
Phone: (01) 3913600

In addition, various low-cost airlines operate, so it’s best to check flight websites regularly.
•Note: Some airlines may not include checked luggage or carry-on bags in the ticket price.
•Domestic flights require arrival two hours before departure, while international flights require three hours.
•With low-cost airlines, remember to print your boarding pass in advance.

Shabbat in Cusco

There is no Eruv in the city Cusco